Monday, November 4, 2013

He Picked My Manicure - Red Romance

So I had seen somewhere that ladies were letting boyfriends, husbands, sons or brothers pick the details for their manicures. Hence the 'He Picked' topic of this post. It's an interesting prospect. I've seen the results of some of these and in general, not bad! Mine was no exception, he designed a red hot manicure with a glitter bomb accent finger.

Base colour was Sally Girl Holiday Red Glitter in the cute little snowman bottle. I picked this up last Christmas, and if available I highly suggest you track this one down this year it's amazing! This picture is before cleanup and stamping, but I had to show you the polish!

After that he chose a glitter topper by Daring Digits called Thomas #6 for my accent finger. I had yet to try this loaner and wasn't disappointed! It took a little splodging for the bigger glitters, but this was only two coats.

This plate is Pueen plate #37, and because I stamped with a dark colour over a darker base it was a bit difficult to photograh. After many tries throughout the day, I managed to get you a few.

This above one is a little out of focus on purpose, because it shows the glitters firing well.

If anyone remembers where the 'he picked' idea came from comment below. I couldn't find it on Instagram, and can't remember.

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween and a restful and candy filled weekend.
Cheers all!

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