Thursday, November 21, 2013

Freehand Friday, Green Tribal

This week was Ashley's to choose the inspiration for Freehand Fridays. She chose a cell phone case she has just ordered online. 

This is my first attempt at a full tribal manicure. They have always intimidated me, so I'm proud of myself for how these turned out. 

I didn't have the right shade of turquoise, but I chose this lime green pastel instead. This is a Sally Girl mini unnamed green, then I went in with my Orly Nail Art Striper in Black for lines. 

These weren't simple, but didn't take as long as last week. I'm starting to get fairly comfy with my new brush. 

I have a cute design from a pastel pink sweater from my wardrobe on tap for next week. Don't forget to head over to Above the Polish to check out the fantabulous Ashley and her magic! I'm posting this a little early cause Mommy's getting away for the weekend!! So I haven't even seen what Ashley's version looks like!!

Cheers all.

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