Saturday, October 19, 2013

Peacock Gradient with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glitters

These make my fingers purrrrrrrrrrr! I took two of my four shades of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glitters to create this lovely fade. 

Tender Teal and All Aglow seemed made for each other, so I obliged! To create this lovely gradient all I used were the bottle brushes. My base is Tender Teal, then with a mostly empty brush I stroked from 2/3 to the tips with All Aglow. Then with a bit more I redid the lower 1/3. After I waited a moment I dragged the brush back down any spots where the line was too harsh and then top coat.

The last two are in sunlight.

These wore really well, so after two days I added some Hard Candy Topper in Black Tie Optional. Good look!

This is one of the quickest and easiest nail arts I've done recently but so beautiful! I see more glitter combos like this in my future. Especially if I'm in a rush! 

Cheers folks. 

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