Monday, October 7, 2013

Pattern - Oct 7

Pattern Prompt is easy...Halloween Pattern Prompt less so! I didn't have the foggiest, till I pulled out my Bundle Monster Holiday plates and browsed the crazy awesome Halloween selection. I went with the Zombie Hands full nail stamp on BM-H08, but it was a tight race with the Cat Eye stamp right beside. The tie breaker was the background colour ideas I had. I decided to do a 'gross' gradient. I'm not sure if these are super gross, but they had the wearable mucky look I was  going for.

My gradient is OPI City Shopper, which is a beige/grey cross that's really versatile. The green is Orly Green With Envy, which is kind of jelly and went into the gradient very thin and built nicely. The black I used for stamping is China Glaze Liquid Leather.

I really love stamping over gradients. I always get asked if it's nail stickers when I do this. As always last couple pictures are sunlight.

What do you think guys, are the dead rising from a swamp? Muah haha! Have you Instagram folks checked out the challenge yet? #nailartoct on Instagram. This challenge is being hosted by @californails on Instagram until the end of October.

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