Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nicole By OPI Gumdrops Gradient

This gradient was another super easy one using only the bottle brush. Textured polishes are super forgiving for brush strokes so this was so quick and easy. The two colours I chose were Nicole By OPI My Cherry Amour and A-nise Treat. Both are lovely on there own, but gothic and stunning together!

I simply did two coats of My Cherry Amour then dragged a nearly dry brush of A-nise Treat from 2/3 to tip then again just to the tips.

I know I'm late to the texture party, but I had to show these off. 


  1. Those are super cute! I need to try this, I haven't done too much yet with texture except wear it. This looks pretty easy though, and the end result is gorgeous!

  2. Very quick, and dried fast too. Probably nice with top coat, but I like to touch the texture. It's so neat. My first time playing with texture polish too.