Monday, October 28, 2013

Monster -oct 28

These monster nails actually have a piece of my heart. My very first ever nail art was monster nails similar to my lil Frank here. My son asked me to do them about a year ago now, and here we are! Two blogs, a launching small business and an Instagram account!

Anyway, enough of the sappy sob sob. On to the nails! This is Nicole by OPI Daffy Dill in two coats. Once dry I added the stitches and face in China Glaze Liquid Leather and White on White. Now I got too little sleep and had too much fun this weekend, so my hands weren't feeling the steadiest. I decided to go back in and add those polka dots in the white. I mostly put them in useful places to hide less than steller design elements. Then filled in the empty spaces where I needed more. I really love the final product!

On my other hand above, I added Hard Candy Black Tie Optional...cause I wasn't even going to try art on that one today! I decided to show you this one too, because the combo is very nice.

These are a bonus Halloween manicure for you. My friend was over and we did all this fun on her hands! The picture is not great because it was night...and my cell, but the mani was super fun! I loved the gradient and polka dot nails.

Have a great, safe and candy filled Halloween everyone!