Friday, October 23, 2015

The Crumpets, Saran and Green Purple and Orange!

Saran is for sure a road I need to travel again soon! I think I've only tried this once before and was meh on the results. Crumpets unique prompt for today was a Saran combined with orange, green and purple. I'm really glad I was forced to try again. This baby was so cool! I used a series of great shimmering metallics from Ruby White Tips on a base of Greige Gardens from Sally Hansen. It needed a tiny sparkle, so before matte coat I used a splodge or two of Glisten Here from Finger Paints. I like the subtle Halloween and slightly creepy feel of this one.

I used this one to create some Halloween fun I'll be posting soon, but I easily could have just worn this alone.

Cheers all,

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