Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mrs. P's Nail Potions, Pea-cocky Swatch

Purchased by me.

This my lovies is Pea-cocky from Mrs. P's Nail Potions. This is a rockin thermal in both temperatures, both teal and a kind of luscious platinum. This is two coats, but I think next time I'd use a third for truer opacity. The formula was incredibly amazing for a densely packed glitter polish too.

My hands were so cold this morning, I literally took my hands straight out of a hot water cup for this second shot. I plan on re-swatching for transition soon, cause later in the day when I was warmer...WOW!

Hope you likey, and head over to Bree's shop linked here and take a boo at what else she has. I'm really loving this brand.

Cheers all,

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