Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, Throwback, Holiday Decorations Nail Art

This is for the prompts Glitter Topper and Decorations. I recreated last years Decoration prompt mani and really like it still. The base is Don't Make a Scene from Finger Paints, and the details all acrylic. This is a rendition of those spinning fan decorations that use the heat from a candle. I grew up with one, but you can also see one in a scene from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15 Minutes

So here is my original design linked here.
I'm pretty attached to the origional, and may even like it better. What do you think?


  1. I think they are both fantastic!! I like the original best, though both designs look beautiful :)

  2. Cool! I like both designs but I think I like this years a little more because of the detail work. The base color really ties the entire look together!

    1. Thanks Hun. Even though it's just one finger I love it and the detail too.

  3. This is really lovely. I love that subtle glitter!

  4. wow, look how you've imrpoved!! love how this is traditional xx