Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Camo Snowflakes!

‎So what happens when you are part of two simultaneous Nail Art Challenges during the Christmas / holiday season. You get some really off the wall...out of the 'gift' box ideas trying to match up all those prompts. 

So for my first one we've got the insane combination of camo and snowflakes, and why not! This manicure actually checks three boxes. For Crumpets Nail Tarts I'm meeting my dark green and camo prompts and for the Challenge Your Nail Art Christmas Challenge you've all been hearing about, these match up to the snowflakes prompt. I used Siklscreen Green from Finger Paints and Essie Penny Talk along with some acrylic paints for the camo base. I stamped with Konad White Using Bundle Monster Plates.

Voila! I kinda laughed to myself while creating this one, but it ended up being an interesting and cute combo. So let's go with it. 

Cheers all,