Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zombify, Zombie Nail Art

So I got Essie Trombone on discount the other day and it's just the prettiest and best red Zombify right! Because you would wouldn't you? Anywho, this is two coats of Trombone. I then went in with acrylics and made this happen. He's pretty happy eating his pretty brains I must say! The inspiration I found with a Google search and the artist was Makeup Withdrawal. For those of you interested in recreating, the face was done with a detail brush, but the brains with a small dotter and sooo easy!

This is new, but I'm going to start difficulty rating my art. Hope you like the idea.
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 21 minutes

After that I edited on Picmonkey linked here as usual, but I used there funny Halloween filters to edit and Zombify my skin around the mani. If you haven't used this site you should try it. I have Photoshop and use it, but prefer this for my day to day edits and it's so fun.

Hope you guys are enjoying my Halloween themed posts, any requests?

Cheers all,