Thursday, August 21, 2014

SURPRISE! Ruby White Tips Amanda

So I told you I had some fun and surprises for this week, and this is one of the big ones! Ruby White Tips....created a new matte glitter that's just amazing...and is named Amanda after me! That's right, my own polish! This topper contains lilac, yellow, dark pink and light blue hexes in micro and medium sizes. Some pink triangles, and butterflies also make sneak appearances, and I think the odd frosty pink square as well. I created the floral accent finger to match, and I just love love this mani and my polish.

I'm a sucker for beautiful matte glitters and this one takes the cake...the birthday/blogiversary cake! Now I'd give you links, but this is an extreme LE and there aren't many available. Sorry to be a tease, but Ruby White Tips could easily recreate this or one of your design as a custom colour.

So Cheers all, I really hope you like this surprise!


  1. so beautiful!!! I really like the surprise and love your design. The flower is so cute...<3

    1. It was even a surprise for me. I was so excited!

  2. Woooooooooooooow it is so beauty polish. Love glitters. And what about ur manicure!! awesome. congrats and enjoy ur tresure.