Saturday, August 30, 2014

KBShimmer Whole Lava Lovin, Stamping and September Challenges

So for whatever reason, September is everyone has a challenge month! I have a busy month with family obligations, but you know I can't resist the urge to at least drop in and out of these. So for day one of both Chalkboard Nails 31 day challenge #31dc2014 and another called the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge hosted by a number of bloggers including Wondrously Polished #31dc2. I'm hoping it's not bad form to tag into both. Anywho, on to the Red prompt mani. This lovely rich holo is KBShimmer Whole Lava Lovin.

I decided to stamp over this and freehanded some whimsical flowers. I've been needing to practice my stamping, and this mani emphasized that for me. It's been a while, and it shows. 

Not an utter fail, I even wore it for 3 days on both hands!

Cheers all,

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