Thursday, June 19, 2014

Above The Curve, Don't Blink with Floral

This is Don't Blink by Above The Curve. Another of the minis I won. This one I had been saving till I thought of something cute art wise to wear with it, because it was my fave. I'm really partial to grey tones. This is two coats which were also easy. This is a subtle silver/grey holo with darker gunmetal grey micro bits through out. The holo payoff was a weenie bit more subdued then some of the others, making it perfect for use as an art base. This round, I used it along with this black and white floral accent finger design you might recognize.

This shot below is in direct sunlight. You can see how pretty the fire in this one is even though it's subtle.

All in all this Dr. who collection from Above The Curve has been fantastic!

Cheers all,


  1. Don't Blink is one of my favorite polishes, it's so pretty! Love what you've done here.

    1. Thanks hunny. It was my fave for sure. A really unique polish.