Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pipe Dream Polish, Tomorrow's A Mystery

Just a quick swatch/review for today...but holy guacamole batman! This is Tomorrow's a Mystery by Pipe Dream Polish. First I have to say it's beautiful, secondly it's soo deep, which I knew from swatches I've seen online. A friend of mine bought a few of these and raved, so I borrowed one to try. This could be the easiest glitter/jelly polish I've ever used...wait not could be, is!

The jelly is a dark teal/blue and there are green, silver and blue glitters everywhere. I definitely thought that much glitter would need a little massage, but no. This was a dream! Everything about this two coater was a wonder and we should all consider buying and trying something from Pipe Dream Polish, me included.

These last two below are taken in indirect sunlight.

Do you own any Pipe Dream Polish, are they all this wonderful? 

Cheers all,

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