Tuesday, March 4, 2014

KBShimmer, Whole Lava Lovin, DIY Patterned Nail Studs

I've never really posted a tutorial on here before, so I thought it was high time I did. But what to do??? This technique I have been wanting to try, and haven't seen it out there. I figured why not figure it out and share!

Below is a step by step pictorial on how I created my very own patterned nail studs. 

What you need:
-nail studs any colour, these were old scuffed ones I saved for this purpose
-polish in two colours
-sticky tac or poster gum...or whatever they call it where you are from
-a dotting tool that's super small, or a toothpick

Step 1. Roll a piece of stick tac into a small log. Tap gently so it sits flat on your surface.
Step 2. Tap your studs gently into the tac so they hold in place.
Step 3. Paint in colour one and allow to dry.
Step 4. Get a small amount of colour two and place a drop on a small piece of paper.
Step 5. Dot on your centre dot followed by three along the top and three along the bottom. Allow to dry.

Dab topcoat on where you would like these placed and tap them lightly into place. Dry one minute than topcoat the entire finger. 

The polish used in this look was KBShimmer's Whole Lava Lovin as swatched yesterday.

I wore these while the Olympics was still on, so this last shot is kind of meant to be patriotic and they matched my Roots Canada Mittens...best mitts ever by the way!! 

How'd I do for my first tutorial? Let me know. Would you wear this look?

Cheers all,

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