Tuesday, March 11, 2014

KBShimmer Valentine's Day Trio Review and Swatch Wrap Up

So to pull it all together for you in one place, here is the KBShimmer Valentine's Day Trio Wrap Up. I must say I loved this set. Make sure you check it out as well as the spring collection that's just coming out. STUNNING!

 For my full post on Whole Lava Lovin click here.

  For my full post on Falling For Hue click here.

For my full post on You Rock My Heart click here.

Which is you fave? I'm pretty sure mine is still Falling For Hue now that I've swatched them all, but that red really is a stunner! I got these through Harlow, and last I checked they were still available. If they are your cup of tea, don't miss out.

Cheers all,


  1. Wow you did a great job. I just ordered my first kb I am so excited Whole lava lovin and the other one she just discounted.. You are doing a great job with your blog too.

    1. Thanks Diana, that means a lot! Which two got discontinued?