Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lacquer Lust Split Personality With Freehand

This base polish was something a little different. A little different because it was a heat reactive thermal! The formula was great. The base was two easy coats, and I loved the colour...both ways! Hot is a royal blue and cold is a dark and rich purple.

This above picture shows my nails in the hot state. I also put the bottom of the bottle in the water so you could see the change in bottle as well.

Above is hot, below is cold.

My nail art for this was inspired by Radi K (Link), a really talented blogger I follow for her freehand work. This art was created with black, white and lilac acrylic paints and a detail brush.

And to finish off, one more transition bottle shot!

Cheers all,


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    1. Thanks Hun, sadly I wasn't having a great day for this one on hand number two. It happens!